White Christmas Record (originally posted December 25, 2010)

I enjoyed writing this post in 2010. Since then, my mom passed on September 15, 2012. I want to honor her memory by posting this again. ~Celia


What would Christmas be without listening to this record? My mom played this every Christmas ever since I can remember. I have put off playing it until today. Why?

There are so many memories wrapped up in each of the 12 songs on this record.  Some of the memories bring great joy while others bring deep pain. I am already getting a huge lump in my throat as I begin writing this post.

Where do I begin? As I listen to Bing singing I’m transported back to my dad’s farm. For many years he would construct a huge star and then place blue lights on them. He would then place the star on top of our house. Next, he would put the Christmas lights up. I imagine that my mom also helped him, especially as his health declined during the last few years of his life. I was always mesmerized by the beauty of the lighted star. It reminded me of the Star of Bethlehem and the anticipation of the wise men in search of Mary’s boy child.

As I listen to “Adeste Fidelis” I can see my mom making peanut brittle. I looked forward to this Christmas treat year after year and she didn’t disappoint. She also made fudge and Christmas cookies along with other holiday treats. It didn’t matter how tired she was, my mom was faithful in making Christmas special for us. It was not uncommon for 30 to 40  people show up on Christmas day. My dad loved the holiday season and loved having everyone (family and close friends) share in the festivities. I never realized how taxing all of the preparations were for my mom. She never complained. She just made it memorable for us year after year.

As I listen to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” I remember how I would look up into the clear Arizona sky in search of Rudolph’s red nose every Christmas Eve. I would then go into the house and stand transfixed before the beautiful Christmas tree that my mom meticulously decorated without fail. There were always many gifts under the tree. My dad loved to lavish gifts on each of us.

“It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas” takes me back to my excitement as I looked forward to my brothers and sister coming home for Christmas. I’m the youngest and they had gone off to war, got married and were leading their own lives with their families. In some ways I grew up as an only child because there is a big age difference between me and them.

“Christmas in Killarney” conjures up the mouth-watering aroma of the turkey in the oven, the cornbread stuffing, and the pies that were lovingly made by my mom. She made Christmas meals and memories that I will forever cherish.

These moments that I’ve shared with you happened nearly 40 years ago. Since that time several of my family members have passed on. My grandmother is no longer with us. 31 years ago my dad died. His love and excitement for the holiday season lives on in me. I always feel close to him during the holidays even though I miss him deeply.

I’m thankful for the laughter and the tears of Christmas memories as they are woven into my life’s tapestry. Although in some ways I dreaded listening to my “White Christmas” record I’m glad that I played it. While listening to the songs it brought back the sounds of the laughter of loved ones who are no longer here and for a moment in time we were all together again.

Mele Kalikimaka,



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