Thanksgiving (originally posted November 28, 2010)

I posted the following letter to my Mom on November 28, 2010. Since that time, my mom passed on September 15, 2012. I wanted to honor her memory by posting this again. She will never be forgotten and is deeply loved. ~Celia

Dear Mom,

Although I didn’t see you on Thanksgiving you’ve been with me all week as I began to prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving. Each day as I worked on tasks I remembered how you would get things ready when I was a little girl. As I baked the cornbread for the stuffing I remembered you preparing cornbread for our stuffing year after year. As I chopped the celery & onions I remembered you doing the same for countless Thanksgivings. The aroma of sage took me back to all the years you would have the whole house filled with that wonderful sage scent which filled our home. As I sliced apples with Maria for our apple pie I was taken back to the times you would make pies for us. Putting together the ingredients for the pumpkin pie filling reminded me of the time that my tuxedo cat Stanley decided he needed to sample the pie before Thanksgiving. I still laugh every time I think of seeing the cat’s paw print on the pumpkin pie!

On Thanksgiving morning as I prepared the turkey and stuffed it with the cornbread stuffing I thought of all of the delicious turkeys that you prepared for us throughout the years. I have fond memories of all of the times we had Thanksgiving dinner outdoors because the weather was so beautiful. As a young girl I never realized how much work all of that was for you, Mom. I always appreciated everything you did to make our Thanksgivings special but I didn’t realize how physically taxing it all was. As my muscles ached while I worked on Thanksgiving tasks, I watched my daughter as she played her favorite games and shows on her laptop. Yes, I’m tired and my muscles are hurting and achy but I do this so that she will have memories of Thanksgivings past and I smile because I know that there will come a day when she, too, will realize all of the hard work that is the labor of love I did for her year after year on Thanksgiving and she will appreciate it as she prepares Thanksgiving dinners and memories for her children.

Thank you, Mom!


© 2010 Celia Marie LLC.


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